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Driver CPC

Kerry Flyer Ltd. are happy to announce that we are an approved Road Safety Authority Training Centre for Driver Certificate of Professional Competence.

CPC Driver Course Programme

Module 1 - Control of the Vehicle and Eco-Driving Techniques. Characteristics of the transmission system Effective use of safety controls in PSV`s and LGV`s Optimizing fuel consumption

Module 2 - Minimising Risks and Managing Emergencies in the Transport Industry Risks of the road and accidents at work Ability to assess emergency situations

Module 3 - Health and Safety of the Professional Driver The importance of physical and mental ability of professional drivers Preventing physical risks

Module 4 - Role of the Professional Driver in the Transport Industry Ability to adopt behaviour to help enhance the image of the profession Understanding the social environment of road transport and the rules governing it

Module 5 - The Professional Truck Driver Safely loading vehicles Preventing criminality and trafficking in illegal immigrants Carriage of goods. C Licence. The economic environment of road haulage and the organization of the market.

Module 6 - The Professional Bus Driver Ensuring passenger comfort and safety Loading the vehicle Preventing criminality and trafficking in illegal immigrants The regulations governing the carriage of passengers The economic environment of the carriage of passengers by road and the organization of the market There are no examinations at the end of each module.

What is CPC?

Driver CPC is a Certificate in Professional Competence for professional bus and truck drivers. Its purpose is to set and maintain high standards of safety and driving among drivers of trucks and buses. Driver CPC is being introduced in Ireland because a European Union law, Directive 2003/59/EC, states that professional drivers must receive ongoing periodic training.

When will Driver CPC will be introduced in Ireland?

Driver CPC has been introduced in Ireland:

Driver CPC is relevant to both new and existing drivers.

For existing drivers

Drivers, who have a full licence before the 10th of September 2008, (buses) and the 10th of September 2009, (trucks), will automatically be granted a Driver CPC without having to take more tests. In order to keep this Driver CPC, each driver must complete 35 hours of periodic training (seven hours per year) over the subsequent five year period.

*The R.S.A. have extended the deadline for completing the 1st module of periodic training to 31st December 2009.

For new drivers

Drivers, who have not achieved a full licence before 10th of September 2008 (buses) and 10th of September 2009, (trucks), will have to participate in the Driver CPC examination.

The examination includes:

Training provided by Kerry Flyer Ltd, Accessible Transport Training Solutions. Address: Kealgorm House, Limerick Road, Castleisland, Co. Kerry. Ph: 066 716 3170 Email: Once this is completed and passed the four parts of the Driver CPC examination, the driver can then apply for a driving license and Driver CPC card in that category. After this, the diver will have to do 35 hours of periodic training (seven hours per year) over the next five years to keep their Driver CPC.

Truck drivers must complete Module 5 and Bus drivers must complete Module 6.

No two modules can be covered in the same year by a participant, except in the case of having a Truck and Bus licence. Should this be the case, both Module 5 and Module 6 can be completed in the final, fifth year of periodic training.